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Making healthy meals when you don’t have time, energy, and you just want to eat already

Kaki Okumura
5 min readApr 28, 2023


I don’t know where you are in this world at the moment, but dang– where I live, all of the sudden, it just got HOT. And not to mention my spring allergies are acting up 🤧

So imagine you’re me, it’s 6pm and you just had a full day of work. You’re sitting in a too warm house with a runny nose and your eyes are feeling a bit itchy. You haven’t made any dinner plans– what do you do?

  1. Go out for dinner
  2. Order takeout
  3. Begrudgingly brace the stove and boil some pasta, but hate every minute of it, and scarf down your meal when you’re done because now you’re stressed

With option 1 and 2 — we get a satisfying meal, but it’s often oil-heavy and not great for our health goals. Not to mention expensive..

With option 3– we get an unsatisfying meal, and we also make ourselves more stressed. There’s a high likelihood of overeating snacks or desserts afterwards to compensate.

None of these are great options, but they are the ones we tend to turn to when we don’t have time or energy to cook, and overall don’t have the bandwidth to cook something.

So I present to you option 4 (the option I took):

4. Rice cooker meal



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