If you’re holding onto guilt,

Kaki Okumura
2 min readOct 21, 2022

This is part of an interactive storytelling series that I’m trying out. Go through the interactive animation for the full experience! Enjoy.

There are 2 kinds of emotions– primary emotions and
secondary emotions.

Primary emotions are our initial reactions to external events.

Secondary emotions are the reactions to our reactions.

Guilt is a secondary emotion to our primary emotion of fear. The fear that we are not good enough, unlovable, or incompetent.

We sometimes call secondary emotions our manufactured emotions because it’s learned. Our thoughts create them.

Guilt can be helpful sometimes. Humans make mistakes, and guilt can nudge us towards right and wrong, what is good for us and what we can do better.

But guilt is not absolute truth. We create it ourselves.
It can be false.

Guilt is a guessed suggestion for what you should and shouldn’t do. It is not the truth. Not meant to be held on, but reflected upon.

Learn and let go, but you don’t need to carry that guilt on your journey.

Breathe in, breathe out.

You are always doing what you think is best for yourself at any given time.

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