Great questions! My answers listed below:

  1. False! Japanese people do eat fried foods! But the way they consume it is quite different I’d say — consider tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet) and how it’s always served with cabbage (read here).
  2. Also untrue! Japanese people are human, and they consume junk food 😊 Although in general, I do think Japanese people have less of an emotional reliance on junk food and struggle less with binge or stress eating. This is probably due to a robust food education and a healthier base when it comes to relationships with food.
  3. Possibly for individuals, but on a societal level this factor can’t account for the discrepancies across countries and the rate at which obesity emerged. I’m also leaning towards no, because Japanese people can get fat — namely, I’m referring to our history of sumo wrestlers.

I hope this helps!

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