Become the Friend Everyone Needs: Spreading Love Through Postcards

Learning how to use the design equipment at my school better, I’ve recently spent my weekends designing and laser cutting or rastering special, personalized, postcards for my friends. (You can read more about laser cutting in design here)

I separated the layers, then rastered them one by one at different strengths to get varying depths
Final editions

These are dumb nicknames that we made for eachother, and together we think of ourselves as a fruits basket. Not really sure where the concept came from, or who decided that we all deserve to be labelled by fruits, but we’ve had these names since high school 👀

After a few weeks, I slowly began receiving messages like so:

First response I got back!
Imagine the joy shared! She was going through her mail for bills and found a message instead! ☀️
I have the greatest friends too

It made me feel incredibly happy to hear how much joy it brought into their lives. It was a small gesture, but there is an incredible healing power that comes with expressing love. I was actually going through a rough week, but remembering that I had a community of people who loved me as I was, and that I was already enough, gave me a ton of energy and made the week much easier to go through.

To read more about how I use postcards to deal with loneliness (it seriously works!), you can read my previous article here.

Let me know if this article was of any use to you! Email me at as I love hearing from readers and hearing your thoughts, I read and respond to all the messages I receive ❤️


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Raised in Tokyo; living in the US. I care about helping others learn to live a better, healthier life. My site: 🌱

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